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What is the material of the refrigerator water filter

August 16 2021

Refrigerator water filter is mainly used to filter granular activated carbon.


The filter medium is the substance inside the water filter, which can remove contaminants in the water supply, making it safer to use in ice water or drinking water. The most commonly used material for refrigerator water filters is activated carbon. This carbon is usually made from charcoal, but it can also be made from nut shells or wood.

So what makes carbon so "active"? Under the microscope, the toner may look like an asteroid field, with every particle covered with grooves and craters. When water passes through the activated carbon, all the tiny pollutants that may be lurking inside the activated carbon are trapped in these pores along the surface of each carbon particle. Granular activated carbon is an ideal choice for filtering contaminants in water, because each particle is larger than a powdered particle, so there are more pores along its surface to capture more contaminants. Carbon is also used to filter air, sometimes in refrigerator air filters and deodorants.

Like filtered water, activated carbon is used in adsorption refrigeration because it acts as a kind of compressor. During the refrigeration cycle, when refrigerating, carbon captures the refrigerant gas when the refrigerant gas begins to cool. When a heat source is applied, the refrigerant begins to expand, wanting to be released from the carbon. The heated gas is then directed to the evaporator, where it can dissipate heat and return to the beginning of the cycle.

Activated charcoal can be used in a variety of purification processes, one of which is widely known in the latest episode of the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters TV series.


Reasons to replace the 4396710 water filter

Refrigerators with ice and water dispensers usually include a water filter as part of their design. These filters can reduce pollutants, minerals and other debris in the water, usually making it cleaner and taste better. Neglecting to replace the filter means it will clog and reduce the flow of water, and may eventually damage the water dispenser in the refrigerator.


How to choose the right water filter

If you have an old filter on hand, it is easiest to ensure that you have the correct water filter. Each used filter should be clearly marked with a product number, which you can enter into the tool to easily find and order replacement filters. However, you should also be able to find the replacement part number in the product manual of the refrigerator. Generally, you only need to use the brand and model of the refrigerator to find a compatible filter.


Morefilter refrigerator filter VS other brands

The filter produces better tasting water for drinking, as well as clean, clear, and healthy ice. It reduces the taste and smell of chlorine, and removes 97% of lead and 24 pollutants. Easy to replace and environmentally friendly. High compatibility It is suitable for refrigerators of various companies, tested and certified by NSF International, and meets strict public health protection standards.

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