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What can the ice machine water filter filter out

June 07 2021

We all know that the refrigerator has a built-in water filter. For the same reason, some of our ice machines also have built-in filtration systems.The ice maker water filter can be easily inserted and removed. For some models, a filter is installed in the water supply line connected to the ice maker. These are the so-called online water filters.

In ice machine water filters, as far as the filter media present in these filters are concerned, almost all activated carbon exists in the form of particles or carbon blocks. Activated carbon is widely used in the water filtration industry because it can reduce the chlorine in the water and eliminate the peculiar smell and odor in the water. Activated carbon also helps reduce disinfection by-products, volatile organic compounds and certain deposits.

In addition, the water filter of the ice machine will also contain anti-fouling filter media (such as phosphate) to prevent hardness from causing minerals to stick to the surface and form deposits.

Ice machine water filters can also prevent metal surface corrosion by forming a protective coating that resists acidity, chlorine, hardness, and other factors that may cause corrosion of pipes and metal surfaces and cause rust. Filters containing integrated membranes are also common. These generally provide sub-micron filtration and remove cysts, bacteria, sediments, and abrasive particles.

The filters of ice machines, vending machines, water coolers, etc. are usually a combination of the above-mentioned filter media. Typically, you will find granular activated carbon filters with phosphate crystals, or activated carbon filters with sub-micron membranes, but other combinations are also possible. Refrigerator water filters usually contain granular activated carbon and activated ceramic balls, which can reduce scale, reduce chlorine and improve taste.

Generally, the design life of the filter of the ice maker is 3 to 6 months. When replacing the filter, it is best to also clean the ice machine. The refrigerator water filter produced by morefilter generally has a service life of 6 months, is reasonably priced, and has a longer service life. It is cheaper than most other brands without sacrificing quality-very effective in removing 24 kinds of pollutants. Examples include lead, chlorine and industrial chemicals.

The following editor focuses on one:

FS 2 PACK ICE2 F2WC9I1 Ice Maker

FS 2 PACK ICE2 F2WC9I1 Ice Maker

It reduces chlorine taste and smell, remove 97% of lead and 24 contaminants.Easy replacement, Environment Friendly

Compatible Part Numbers:


10565350A, 3019657, 4396808, AP5801390, ENF2WC9I1, F2WC9I1, ICE2, KTAF2WC9I1

Compatible Ice Maker Model Numbers:

10689553100, 10689593100, 10689599100, 596.7238241, JIM158XYCX0, JIM158XYCX1, JIM158XYRS0, JIM158XYRS1, MIM1554ZRS0, MIM1555ZRS0, GI15NDXZB0, GI15NDXZB1, GI15NDXZQ15, GI15NDQXZ, GI15NDQ1

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