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Refrigerator filter can remove fluoride in water

January 05 2022

Everyone needs to drink 8 glasses of water every day, which is very good for the body system. However, if the water you drink contains a lot of impurities, it is not worth the loss. Not only is it not good for the body, but it is harmful to your health.

This is why we want to understand whether our edr3rxd1 water filter replacement can remove fluoride, and how different water filters do things differently.

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Why do we need to remove fluoride in drinking water?

Many states in the United States and many countries in the world add fluoride to tap water. This means that hundreds of Americans inadvertently ingest fluoride in their diet. If the government adds fluoride to tap water, will it be so bad for you? Does it need to be filtered out?

The answer is obvious. First, the debate about whether fluoride is beneficial or harmful to human health is still fierce. More than 50 population-based studies The American Cancer Society stated that it has studied the potential link between fluoride and cancer, but found nothing. But this still does not alleviate public concerns about fluoride in drinking water.

Second, although small amounts of fluoride may be beneficial (or at least harmless) to us, many Americans still use tap water for cooking, drinking throughout the day, preparing baby food, bathing and more.

This means that the intake of fluoride in the diet of most Americans is not moderate, but rather high, which may be harmful to health.

Many people prefer to remove as much fluoride from tap water as possible until research proves irrefutable that fluoride is good for us.

In addition, do some research on how much fluoride is added to the drinking water in your state or city. Follow the recommendations of the United States Public Health Service (PHS) to find out if the fluoride content per liter of drinking water exceeds the recommended 0.7 to 1.2 (mg/L) to help prevent tooth decay.

So, can your refrigerator water filter remove fluoride?

Many Americans try to alleviate their guilt and worry about drinking fluoride-containing drinking water by using only filtered water in the refrigerator.

This is something you need to research, because every refrigerator water filter has a different structure. In addition, if you change the water filter irregularly, you may drink contaminated water unknowingly.

What kind of water filter can do the job well?

As you can imagine, there are many drop 3 water filter replacement on the market. Are they good at filtering fluoride? The answer is not clear.

The good news is that it is suitable for reverse osmosis (RO) systems to filter out fluoride from drinking water and remove 95% of fluoride. Most RO systems on the market are located under the sink filter.

There are some good gravity water filters on the market that can also remove fluoride, which can remove 97% of fluoride in drinking water. They are also cheaper than RO systems, but they are not as effective as RO systems in removing other contaminants.

They are also very slow, so if you use 5-9 liters of drinking water a day, then this will work for you. Otherwise, stick to the RO system.

If you have a Brita jug or something similar, you may be wondering if it can remove fluoride from drinking water. If your water filter tank uses activated carbon to filter impurities, it will remove contaminants but will not be exposed to fluoride.

Many people use distillation as a way to purify drinking water. This process does remove fluoride, but it can be time-consuming and the process can be slow, especially if you don't have any special equipment. You can buy a water distiller, but they can only produce 2 liters of water at a time, so they are more suitable for households with low water demand.

Remove fluoride and make your life healthier

Until the scientific debate about whether fluoride is good for us is successfully concluded, it is better to be safe and to remove fluoride from drinking water. Many products on the market will do a good job in this regard and also fit your budget.

If you are now looking for a good discounted refrigerator water filter, then you must not miss Morefilter's kenmore 9083 filter, which can effectively remove impurities in the water, of course, including fluoride, and bring health to your life. Let you rest assured.