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GlacialPure Frigidaire / Electrolux PAULTRA2 242047805 Refrigerator Air Filter 6Packs
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GlacialPure Frigidaire / Electrolux PAULTRA2 242047805 Refrigerator Air Filter 6Packs

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Filtered, Fresh Life Water In Your
Fridge Every Day.

An innovative
filtering method

  • Use high-quality carbon filtering materials
  • Keep refrigerators smelling fresh.
  • Eliminate bacteria,viruses,ect.
  • Volatile organic compounds.
  • Effective at eliminating foul odors from. refrigerators, freezers.
  • Reduce acidic and basic odors.
  • Making ice taste better.
Refrigerator Air Filter

Use this fabulous air filter in the refrigerator, Effective at
removing foul odors, and keep a lot of ingredients and fruits
fresh, without excessive excess, making the ice taste better.

Refrigerator air filter designed by GlacialPure to the air in your
fridge through forced air circulation,effective at keeping
refrigerator fresh and odor free.

Reasons to choose us

  • Powerful odor-trapping materials
  • Effective at removing foul odors
  • Keep refrigerators smelling fresh
  • Making better-tasting ice
  • Long service life - 6 months
  • Best after-sales service
  • High-quality
  • Affordable


Manufacturer: Glacial Pure
Package Quantity: 3 Pack
Brand Compatibility: Frigidaire
Filter Type: Activated Carbon
Filter life: 6 Months

Replaces these air filters

242047805, 4582822, 5303918847
242047805, AP6285787, EAP12364179, PAULTRA2, PAULTRA2, PD00044143, PS12364179
Fits in these systems
DGHD2361TF0, DGHD2361TF1, DGHD2361TF2, DGHD2361TF3, FGHB2868TD0, FGHB2868TD1, FGHB2868TD2, FGHB2868TE0, FGHB2868TE1, FGHB2868TE2, FGHB2868TF0, FGHB2868TF1, FGHB2868TF2, FGHB2868TP0, FGHB2868TP1, FGHB2868TP2, FGHD2368TD0, FGHD2368TD1, FGHD2368TD2, FGHD2368TD3, FGHD2368TF0, FGHD2368TF1, FGHD2368TF2, FGHD2368TF3, FGHG2368TF0, FGHG2368TF1, FGHG2368TF2, FGHN2868TE0, FGHN2868TE1, FGHN2868TE2, FGHN2868TF0, FGHN2868TF1, FGHN2868TP0, FGHN2868TP2, LGHB2869TD0, LGHB2869TD1, LGHB2869TF0, LGHB2869TF1, LGHB2869TF3, LGHD2369TD0, LGHD2369TD2, LGHD2369TD3, LGHD2369TF0, LGHD2369TF1, LGHD2369TF2, LGHD2369TF3

Warning and tips

1. Never place refrigerator air filter in airways or near a heat source .

2. To remove adhesive strips when moving the filter holder from refrigerator cabinet, use a plastic putty knife - never use metal .

3. Replace every 6 months to keep odors out of your refrigerator.

Manufacturer GlacialPure
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