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  • By Kelly

    2021-09-10 20:30:00
    good replacement for 4562222
    Did a great drop, though the price is cheap. I got it very quickly and install it quickly. Looking forward to the effect.
  • By Uriah

    2021-09-07 15:30:00
    for eptwfu01. Water Looks Clearrrr! Fast Delivery!
    I have no warries on purchasing glacialpure's filter, I've purchased a lot from their website and always do a great jjob. Besides, the price was reasonable, you can get 3 pcs with a valuable price totally. Thx GLACIALPURE.
  • By Jennifer

    2021-09-06 19:30:00
    Good product at reasonable price
    easy to follow website , prompt delivery of correct water filter , good value price . would recommend and use again. I changed my filter each 6 months.
  • By Glen

    2021-08-26 21:00:00
    Great value and great price!
    These filters were half the price of the brand name ones. They arrived in 3 days and fit my refrigerator perfectly. My water tastes great! I will order from them again, no question. Glacialpure is a valuable website.
  • By Audrey

    2021-08-16 21:00:00
    Economical and easy to install
    This was easy to install and works as good as the brand name but cost so much less a great value for the money.
  • By Philip

    2021-08-02 21:00:00
    Easy and effective. Price is good as well.
    As promised when promised, nice product, nice service, and nice shipping speed. Perfectly!
  • By Gloria

    2021-07-22 21:00:00
    EPTWFU01 filters replacement
    Easy to install. I used it as a filter for the refrigerator water supply. Works great & replacing the filler is easy & no mess
  • By Samuel

    2021-07-15 21:00:00
    As advertised
    This one fit right in, took about 1 minute to replace. I thought It was the cheapest price to get 3pacs. Recommend it to the Frigidaire wf3cb filter.
  • By Evans

    2021-06-21 21:00:00
    Great Refrig filter
    Good product. Shipped quickly. This is my second purchase and I will reorder.BTW, nice service
  • By Joe

    2021-06-01 21:00:00
    This is my third purchase. Each lasts me about 5 months. Easy to install. Great value for the money!
  • By Evans

    2021-05-10 08:00:00
    Great water filter
    My favorite filters. Have purchased several times and love the quality and taste of the water. Have had no issue in installing.
  • By Emma

    2021-05-04 08:00:00
    Great filter. Great price.
    Been using these filters for quite a while. They do a very good job to keep water quality.I think I will purchase glacialpure again
  • By Charlotte

    2021-04-28 16:00:00
    Great product
    The water from our refrigerator—EPTWFU01 dispenser tastes great and the filters were very easy to install. Definitely worth the money!
  • By Keith

    2021-03-25 16:20:00
    Cheap price and high quality
    I get it with 15% off,it was very cheap and I liked it all.
  • By William

    2021-03-21 16:20:00
    Nice service
    Good customer service and fast shipping
  • By hamzah

    2021-01-29 00:00:00
    Find the right one
    Realized I hadn't replaced my fridge filter in a while. Came exactly as advertised and was a perfect match to the existing one.
  • By Erin

    2021-01-11 00:00:00
    Good water
    When you first replace the filter you do have to run about 2 gallons of water through the filter before you start getting clean water.
  • By annon omous

    2020-12-10 00:00:00
    Good product. Recommend!
    Order the quality and reliability of this product.
  • By Diana

    2020-12-05 00:00:00
    My first replacement filter
    Such a good deal and works great.
  • By annon omous

    2020-11-24 08:42:31
    Good product. Recommend!
    Order the quality and reliability of this product.
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