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  • By Mann

    2021-10-26 11:11:00
    Bad experience
    It was a product that I had been looking for for quite some time. It has not arrived. I called Fedex and was advised to clarify the matter. Fedex staff suggested that I contact the seller. I'm very tired and don’t know what to do.
  • By Galen

    2021-10-13 11:11:00
    Long delivery time
    I waited for my filters for too long. I am out of filters so I need the filter fast. I waited for too long and still have not received it.
  • By Fabian

    2021-10-02 11:11:00
    Close but no cigar
    The price is fantastic but I can tell a difference between these and the factory version. It's not a big difference but there is one.
  • By Simon

    2021-09-21 20:15:00
    Spend less, but work better.
    I purchased these after reading the reviews.They are much better than the whirlpool brand. The water taste is much better. You get dates to stick on the cylinder so you know when to change them. The price is better. A good deal.
  • By Percy

    2021-09-08 20:15:00
    Good value
    I bought the Glacialpure water filter for the third time. The quality is very good and it is very suitable as a substitute for 4396711. Will purchase again.
  • By Otis

    2021-09-07 23:13:00
    Good filter 3 - tastes fine
    I've purchased a few of these filters and they have always been great. The water tastes fresh and clean every time and seems to do well with filtering the typical bad tasting city water. The filter mentions you are supposed to run about 4 gallons through it before drinking anything from it. I'm guessing some of the people complaining about the plastic taste are not flushing it properly. After you flush it, they water will look clear and taste good.
  • By Ned

    2021-09-05 20:15:00
    Great service as usual and great replacement for edr3rxd1
    Great service as usual, thank you. We have had our drinking water filter system for several months now and have been extremely pleased with it. The water tastes really good; the filters are easy to change and we get a reminder when they are due to be changed. RECOMMEND GLACIALPURE.
  • By Dean

    2021-09-01 21:15:00
    It wass the best replacement for whirlpool 4396710, exactly what I was looking for
    Fast delivery to Denmark - tastes great! I googled the EDR2RXD1 replacement filter, and found their ads by accident. After I had a look, I realized that I had to try it. I ordered 2 packs to find out if I liked it, and I can conclude I LOVE IT! So immediately ordered some more! I have been guilty of not drinking enough water, because I don't want to drink the bad water, infact some days I wouldn't drink water at all unless it was in Soda orr coffee. I knew for health reasons that had to change. This has solved the problem, I am drinking a lot more water, and I am feeling the benefits. I like this feeling, the water taste so good, I drink a lot of water everyday now. I'm really happy. And THANKS GLACIALPURE.
  • By Lydia

    2021-08-24 21:00:00
    EDR3RXD1 filter arrived quickly and water tastes great!!
    Arrived quickly and water tastes fantastic!! Great price too thank you!! But maybe I didn't read the manual before I installed it, it took my a liittle time to install, I'll ask for help later.
  • By Samuel

    2021-08-13 21:00:00
    Meet my expectations
    My first time to purchase it and it was a really surprise. I enjoy being able to keep my refrigerator's water fresh and clean. Having the fast delivering, I got it very quickly. Also fit my frig edr3rxd1.
  • By Lorna

    2021-08-01 21:00:00
    Buy it many times.
    This filter fits my replacement filter for my Whirlpool fridge perfectly! Never have poor tasting water with this filter. Easy to switch out. Good product for the money.
  • By Leo

    2021-07-23 21:00:00
    Super easy to install and super nice service and take over of the 4396841 filters perfectly.
    I've ordered many of these. Usually to get them at glacialpure website, , fast shipping and they work well.
  • By Colin

    2021-07-05 21:00:00
    Works like a charm
    Very easy to install, works well. Changed the taste of my water to something that's actually drinkable.
  • By Lauren O

    2021-06-15 21:00:00
     Just as described
    Easy to install and a great value for the money. the first time to use it and will buy it again. My frig is EDR3RXD1
  • By Thomas

    2021-06-15 21:00:00
    Great product, great price
    This has been a good product for the money. It is my 2nd time ordering it, happy with it. And it was competitable with my frig 4396710 well
  • By Ethan

    2021-05-20 21:00:00
    Cheap price for 3 pacs
    Three filter for a reasonable price you cant go wrong. Fast shipping and nice type for frig is 4396841
  • By Richard

    2021-05-01 21:10:00
    Same as the expensive brands!
    I love saving money and getting a quality product and that's exactly what I got with the GLACIAL Water Filter. This is my second time ordering. Each filter last me about 6 months and still tastes great before I change them.
  • By Alexis

    2021-04-20 04:12:00
    Filter replcaement for FILTER 3
    If you are looking forward to water filters, you could try glacialpure. They do a great job on filter, and it was super suit for my 4396841 frig
  • By George

    2021-04-15 04:12:00
    Highly recommend
    Good value for the money, same as the original and works just as good as the one it came with. Water tastes good and the cubes a lot clearer.AND it was very competitable with the W10413645A
  • By Roy

    2021-03-21 04:12:00
    A surprising filter
    I found glacialpure by accident and purchased it. Now I just want to say it was very excellent!! It was compatible with EDR3RXD1 very well. I installed it quickly and without any other questions during this process. I love it, it was a surprise for me.
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