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  • By Mike Stammer

    2022-06-24 05:03:24
    Good quality and price
    I’ve had several orders of these filters for my refrigerator. I’m a repeat subscriber due to the filters being good quality and good price.
  • By Bernie

    2021-12-22 11:32:00
    Does a great job
    These refrigerator water filters cost half as much as the PS2364646 models but are just as good. These filters are easy to install and taste fantastic.
  • By Carl

    2021-12-10 11:32:00
    Does a great job
    Installation is easy if you follow the instructions that came with your refrigerator. The taste of the water will depend on the quality of the water that enters the filter. The water doesn't taste like chlorine.
  • By Hilaria

    2021-12-05 11:32:00
    Tasty water & easy to install
    Works great on my whirlpool Refrigerator. Easily to replac the old filter with the Refrigerator Water Filter and the water tastes great. Highly recommend & will definitely buy again!
  • By Malcolm

    2021-11-20 11:32:00
    I got the wrong ones
    I received the wrong ones and have yet to receive the correct ones. They can only be reached via email.
  • By Mack

    2021-10-25 11:32:00
    I replaced it after 4 months
    They said replaced the filter each 6 months, but I replaced it 4 months later
  • By Gage

    2021-10-10 11:32:00
    Didn't receive the order confirmation.
    I didn't receive an order confirmation. However, I was able to contact their customer service and they confirmed that it was not their fault. Finally, I was able to get the product.
  • By Bainbridge

    2021-10-01 11:32:00
    Come on, man...
    It was installed on July 23rd. It was making loud noises for several weeks. It was replaced today and the noises stopped. The water pressure also increased. My old brand is more durable, but the price is better. The water tastes the same.
  • By Dominic

    2021-09-21 21:15:00
    Great Replacement For Expensive Filters
    These instructions are the same for the original filters. The water quality is the same, no difference in the taste. If you're looking for the water filter replacement, you could try glacialpure.
  • By Kit

    2021-09-09 21:15:00
    High quality
    In any case, the price for glacialpure's water filters is very cheap. Because of this, I chose to buy filters on their website. After received the product, I installed it according to the instructions, and finished it successfully. Although the price was cheap, the water filter was very good. Good value. Recommend to replace 242017801 water filter
  • By Andrew

    2021-09-08 22:12:00
    Fit perfectly!!!
    This filter is very suitable for my refrigerator, it can filter out the harmful things in the water effectively. Because the kenmore filter was too expensive, I was always looking for alternatives. I found this company in google ads and tried their filters. It seems to be surprise. Their products are great as advertised, they are compatible with my refrigerator, and the water tastes very good. Will buy it again. GOOD REPLACEMENT FOR PS2364646
  • By Luman

    2021-09-06 21:15:00
    Excellent product, excellent service.
    Product showed up on time and exactly as described. Very detailed instructions provided. The water now is smooth and easy to drink. It sort of tastes like it's been polished. Works great! Recommend to guys finding the raplacement for A0094E28261
  • By Felix

    2021-09-02 21:00:00
    Excellent Customer Service and I like my new replacement for my frigidaire ULTRAWF!!!
    I filled in the wrong address info when I placed the order, but their service help me to correct it timely, and they're very patient to deal with your issue. I like Glacialpure's customer service and I'll purchase on their website again. Recommend!!!
  • By Eleanor

    2021-08-25 21:00:00
    positive experience
    It was my first time to purchase filters on Glacialpure. For the look, It was the good selection, easy to find the right filter. Fast delivery. Cannot comment on the quality of the product but the overall service was very good. I will test for some days, I thought it won't let me down.
  • By Timmy

    2021-08-13 21:00:00
    Compatible PS2364646
    Super easy to install. No bad taste, exactly what I needed to replace my old one. And if everything is good, I thought I'll purchase it again.
  • By Tracy

    2021-08-05 21:00:00
    Works as expected
    Cheaper than anywhere else I looked and was an exact replacement to my refrigerator. Would recommend buying this from glacialpure.
  • By Gregory

    2021-07-22 21:00:00
    Great value replacement for my ULTRAWF filter
    Change my filters every 6 months. Gives me peace of mind.
  • By Davis

    2021-07-10 21:00:00
    Easy peasy!
    Replacement water filter for Frigidaire refrigerators. ULTRAWF replacement and good costomer service
  • By Poppy

    2021-06-15 21:00:00
    Fits ULTRAWF, and 46-9999
    Water tastes great. We are saving a Lot of money, and esay to install. A win win
  • By Mason

    2021-06-15 21:00:00
    kenmore 469999 replacement
    Just what I need for my fridge!!! It was cheaper and easier to install than other replacements. And the looks was pretty good. Looking forward to the remaining filters. I'll use it during these 6 months.
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