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  • By Augustin

    2021-12-25 20:13:00
    The best choice for Kenmore 04609930000 water filter replacement
    I wasn't sure if I should buy the replacement or the cheaper one. I'm certain I made the right choice. It worked great in my refrigerator and was very easy to install. It tastes delicious and the water is clear. It's a great product, and I would purchase it again.
  • By Cain

    2021-12-10 20:13:00
    It will fit perfectly in the Whirlpool W10295370.
    It will fit perfectly into the Whirlpool W10295370. It is important to keep the cap on the old filter. My fridge filter was changed and I no longer smell an odor when I open my Thermos to rinse it out. It also flows at a much higher rate.
  • By Hester

    2021-12-01 20:13:00
    Good product...good price.
    Seems to work quite well. Easy to install and the shipping is fast. I change the filter every 6 months, and this filter is much more affordable. Our tap water is quite good but these filters remove any chlorine added to the water.
  • By Maddox

    2021-11-15 20:13:00
    It was ordered, but it never arrived. After contacting the company twice, finally they reshipped me, stating that the original shipment was lost. Very poor service.
  • By Magee

    2021-10-30 20:13:00
    Water taste well, but not easy to install
    I purchased it many times, the filter made water taste well, I drank water a lot than before. But Idk why the water flew so slowly
  • By Lea

    2021-10-15 20:13:00
    Got the wrong filter
    I received the water filters but they weren't correct. I was fortunate to contact customer service and they quickly solved my problem. So I was now using the correct filter.
  • By Baal

    2021-10-02 20:13:00
    Get what you pay for.
    I called the manufacturer and was told that my glasses had white crystals from the filter. Never had it before. Customer service assured me that this was normal and would not harm me. This is not what I want. This has never happened to me before, even though I used my old filters. The manufacturer will inform me within 24 hours what they can do. O will use better filters starting now.
  • By Calvin

    2021-09-20 21:20:00
    Excellent filtration
    This was my first time using this brand of filter. I am extremely happy with the product's quality and the taste. This filter gives you a better tasting tap water. It has been added to my wish list and will be purchased again when I have more.
  • By Humphrey

    2021-09-09 21:20:00
    Great product and great price
    After looking for a filter for a long time, I chose to buy glacialpure finally. The product was shipped very quickly. During the installation process, if you didn't understand anything, just ask their customer service and you will get a reply immediately. The filter replaced edr1rxd1 perfectly. If it works perfectly, I will buy again.
  • By Alger

    2021-09-07 11:20:00
    THe Recommended Water Filter for our Refrigerator
    I've purchased this item before! It is the recommended water filter for our Refrigerator! Easy to install and lasts just over 6 months before it needs to be replaced! An essential in a town where the town water is very hard and has a “rusty” aftertaste!
  • By Max

    2021-09-05 21:20:00
    Very timely delivery, replace filter1 perfectly.
    Very timely delivery. Filters look great. Will be installing filters and water softener as soon as toy haulers arrives from manufacturer. Was very easy to install.
  • By Hector

    2021-09-01 21:20:00
    Good replacement for Whirlpool w10295370 filters
    I got my order a week or so after I ordered. The packaging is wonderful , I love the filters' look. We use it at home, and it’s perfect to me! The taste is subtle, which is what I was looking for. It does make me drink more! It’s the cheapest one in the replacements I've found and it really did a great job, I'll purchase it again!
  • By Elaine

    2021-08-25 21:00:00
    I needed a replacement filter for my filter 1
    I needed a water filter for my refrigerator. The appliance store sold them expensive each. After some searching, I found glacialpure and ordered 3 filters. The price was half of what the appliance store wanted. Installation was simple and I now have fresh, cool filtered water again. Thank You Glacialpure !!!
  • By Ronnie

    2021-08-15 21:00:00
    %100 satisfied and compatible with my whirlpool edr1rxd1 well
    Great off brand product. Fits perfectly, easy to install, looks exactly like original product and water takes great. btw, pls ollow instructions closely, because it will save you a lot of time.
  • By Lindsay

    2021-08-05 21:00:00
    Same product as from the manufacturer but for a better price
    I can really notice the difference when I put in a new filter. It was as described and fit perfectly. It is a great replacement for EveryDrop filter 1. Maybe I'll always trust glacialpure.
  • By Gerry

    2021-07-22 21:00:00
    Will be back to purchase edr1rxd1 replacement
    Buy it many times, and the filters are very perfect. I like glacialpure, they let our water taste so good and it is very cheap to get 3pcs. and it also is the best replacement for edr1rxd1 filters.
  • By Byrne

    2021-07-10 21:00:00
    Better taste with new filter
    We change these filters once every 6 months for best tasting water. Easy to switch out and replace. Make sure to read the instructions before installing. Suitable for whirlpool edr1rxd1 greatly.
  • By Jake

    2021-06-30 21:00:00
    Works fine.
    Easy to install. Fast delivery. The water filter was perfect, and the water taste good. We change these filters once every 6-8 months for best tasting water. And always purchase glacialpure. Fits edr1rxd1 well
  • By Emily

    2021-06-01 21:00:00
    GlacialPure 3P
    This is the water filter we always buy for our fridge. The water filter is extremely easy to install and lasts us exactly 6 months on the dot! btw it is the cheap price.
  • By Amelia C

    2021-05-01 21:00:00
    Excellent Replacement Value Proposition
    This product works as advertised. It installed easily.the water tastes great and refreshing.that fits my W10295370 refrigerator rightly
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