We all know that refrigerator water filters are helpful in removing impurities and contaminants in the tap water, including minerals, chemicals, bacteria and other microscopic organisms that can cause poor taste or potentially serious illness.

refrigerator in the kitchen room

To make your drinking water cleaner and safer, you should not only use a filter while running your refrigerator, but also routinely change it. It is recommended by most experts that you should change your filter every six months or every 200-300 gallons of water.


However, some of you might meet difficulties in the replacement process. Here are our tips for getting filter out of Kitchenaid refrigerator.


The first step you need to make is to find the location of the filter. There are two conditions in general: Filters are located in the base grill and filters are located inside the refrigerator.


Filters located in the base grill

refrigerator water filter in the base grill


Many filters are located near the bottom-front of refrigerators in the grille area.


These grille-mounted filters generally come out and install very easily. If you feel it is stuck, it may be because you haven’t turned it the right way or are not pushing the button all the way in. 


Quarter turn filter

  1. To remove filter turn the device a quarter turn to the left. Normally, the cap will be aligned vertically.
  2. Pull the filter straight out.
  3. Remove the cap (on some models).


Push-button filter

  1. Locate the button on the base grill.
  2. Push the button all the way in till the filter has disengaged from the filter assembly.
  3. Remove the filter.


Filter located inside the refrigerator

water filter inside the refrigerator


Other filters are located near the top-left of refrigerators inside the appliance.


Door opens up and pops out

  1. Open the Water Filter Compartment Door, the door will open in an upward direction.
  2. Once the door is completely open, pull the filter completely out.


Push button or pull tab

  1. Open the Water Filter Compartment Door.
  2. Turn the filter counterclockwise, to the left, and pull it straight out


That’s all suggestions we would like give to you on how to get water filter out of Kitchenaid refrigerator? Are you considering purchasing filters now? If so, we strongly recommend you to place an order on morefilter.com. Filters on the website have all been certified by NSF International and have better prices compared to products on other platforms.