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  • How to keep the refrigerator healthy

    September 13 2021

    Refrigerators are the most important and common kitchen utensils, but people often only use them without maintenance. They don’t wonder why until the refrigerator is abnormal. Many people don't know the simple steps to take to keep the refrigerator healthy and operating at peak performance. Refrigerator maintenance starts with one word: filter. 9030 water filter can prevent harmful pollutants, odors, etc. In order to keep your refrigerator healthy, you should pay attention to 3 filters.Re.....
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  • Need to know what filter your refrigerator uses

    September 06 2021

    We know that the refrigerator has a built-in filter. However, we may have such questions. Only a clear understanding can find a suitable ultrawf water filter to replace. In fact, the refrigerator filter can be confirmed by the water filter finder.By selecting the brand and style of the refrigerator, use the search tool below. Then select the location and removal method of the refrigerator filter.How to replace the torsion removal filter?1. Twist the filter to the left and pull it out of the hous.....
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  • Choose a strainer filter, just choose Morefilter

    August 30 2021

    If you need to redesign the kitchen, you may buy new appliances. Refrigerators are electrical appliances in the home. Most of the ready-made household appliances are equipped with a built-in refrigerator filter.Yes, the slight water directly from the refrigerator! But is the refrigerator water filter good?Is this really the smartest way to filter water?If you are considering buying a water remover, you need to consider four things.1. QualityIt is very important to check the quality of the filter.....
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  • Why people buy refrigerator filters

    August 23 2021

    People cannot do without water in all aspects of life. However, the quality of ingested water is not without requirements.Clean water is the basic need of human beings. Access to clean water is vital to every household. Clean water not only makes life more comfortable; it also protects human health.The water filter in the refrigerator is very important to ensure a healthy life, and the water filter in the refrigerator has many advantages.Several advantages of filtered water:1. Filter out chlorin.....
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  • What is the material of the refrigerator water filter

    August 16 2021

    Refrigerator water filter is mainly used to filter granular activated carbon. The filter medium is the substance inside the water filter, which can remove contaminants in the water supply, making it safer to use in ice water or drinking water. The most commonly used material for refrigerator water filters is activated carbon. This carbon is usually made from charcoal, but it can also be made from nut shells or wood.So what makes carbon so "active"? Under the microscope.....
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  • Guide for changing different refrigerator water filters

    August 09 2021

    Why is the indicator light still on after replacing the filter?This is a common problem, we will feel whether this means that there is a problem with the refrigerator water filter. But in fact, the possibility of failure of the water filter is very small. On the contrary, the most common reason may be that the replacement lamp needs to be reset. Usually, this light is a timer to remind you to change the filter every 3 to 6 months. However, some replacement filter lights measure the water flow an.....
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