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  • Why buy a refrigerator water filter

    June 15 2021

    Health topics have always been an eternal topic for mankind. In the past year, due to the emergence of the new crown virus, health topics have become a hot topic of discussion among Americans. Start with basic life.

    In modern life, refrigerators have become daily household products. The health of refrigerators directly affects our health. As pollution in big cities .....

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  • What can the ice machine water filter filter out

    June 07 2021

    We all know that the refrigerator has a built-in water filter. For the same reason, some of our ice machines also have built-in filtration systems.The ice maker water filter can be easily inserted and removed. For some models, a filter is installed in the water supply line connected to the ice maker. These are the so-called online water filters.

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  • How To Install The Refrigerator Air Filter

    May 31 2021

    First, you need to determine the type of air filter in the full-size refrigerator, so that the air filter can be installed accurately.

    Some retailers provide air filters, including

    Type 1

    Note: The air filter is located behind the b.....

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  • Why Filter Water for Ice Maker

    May 24 2021

    The water filtered by Morefilter can make the best ice. Feeding the ice maker with contaminated or hard water will produce turbid, dirty ice, which will melt in the beverage and contaminate the taste. A water filter for your ice maker enhances the quality and flavor of your home or restaurant or your ice. Today I will explain to you why your ice maker needs a water filter.

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  • The benefits of replacing the ice machine water filter

    May 17 2021

    The ice maker water filter can not only make the ice produced by the ice maker look clearer and taste better, but in addition, the ice maker water filter can also prevent many problems related to equipment efficiency.

    As a stand-alone device, ice machines are particularly popular in the cateri.....

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  • Failure to replace the refrigerator water filter can cause health problems

    May 12 2021

    We all know that the refrigerator needs to replace the refrigerator water filter regularly. If it is not replaced for a long time, the efficiency of the water filter will be greatly reduced, and it will not even be able to purify it. If your refrigerator water filter is not replaced for a long time, the following situations may occur:

    1. The filter is clogged

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